Arc-hipelago, Episode 44: Don’t send Adventurers to do a Diplomat’s Job

After once again being greeted with some hostilities from the United Court the Band of Fools try to salvage their relationship while simultaneously tearing it to shreds. Mark gets put down, Edan is forced into being the diplomat, and Emmalee takes on the role of the responsible one for once. At the end of it a cheeky gnome and underhanded dwarf become the Band’s new best friends

The Journey to the North: Episode 36, What lies on the Island?

With Damaia now gone things are a lot quieter. But as soon as the idea of finding a dragon becomes more possible some people give in to their inner chaos. Fortunately it was not destructive. The Cat people are very excited to learn more about the device they have discovered will satisfy their curiosity. Once again tried something new see if you can spot it, and @ me on Twitter, @HalfMoonOwl.

The Journey to the North: Episode 35, Dinosaurs

Let this be a lesson to all other DMs out there of what happens if you give your players a Jurassic playground. With a little encouragement I get the band of fools to land on a new Island. While Killghara makes some new friends Damaia wastes no time in getting into some shenanigans. She never seems to learn. Also I added something to this recording see if you can spot it and let me know what you think. @HalfMoonOwl on Twitter and Instagram.

Vered’s Virtuous Adventure

Edna’s starfish cat, now officially named Vered, embarks on an unlikely adventure. Teaming up with a Mimic, Dire Wolf, and Raven to find Vered’s missing companion. The group encounters the natives some wild animals and can’t seem to stop their jokes. Perhaps the only thing that will come out of this, is Burg getting a new shield.

Make Friends Through Dance

The Gang takes some time to explore the “weird” fortress they have found themselves in. Many of them get some new equipment and Burg can’t get over how so much of this is magic but not magic. Westra teaches a robot the meaning of family. Amelia wakes up with a new look and the group a visited by some very bizarre extraterrestrials.

Something isn’t right

The Crew wakes to find the long boat and the idle missing. The captain is suspected of fowl play and the gang bands together to keep the Dragon Embassy afloat. Amelia dives to the ocean floor fights a sea hag and goes to an exclusive interview with The Great One. Meanwhile the gang tries to figure out what is making the water so murky.

Trial by Fear

Amelia stands on trial for insanity. Burg and Edna come to support her. All hope seems lost until Sydell comes to save her niece. The group fights off a crazed specter. Killghara kills a child in “self-defense.” Finally a ghost ship drifts towards the gang encouraging them to take a nap.

Amelia Goes Rogue

The Captain and his Fiancé go on deck for some King of the World moments and Amelia decides to spill into their quarters. She may have put some incriminating evidence on our resident air head. Members of the crew are developing rat fever. As Edan tries to play doctor Burg is trying to figure out what the heck to do to help Selenia and her children. To top it all off Bruce is wanting to start a mutiny.