donationsClick me please.

Yes I have begun to beg for money however unbecoming it is.  That aside, this is not just doom and gloom charity you will be blessed for your generosity. (^,^)

This is what I intend to do with your money:

Well first off the donations help pay to keep this website up and we all want that right?  At least I hope you want that maybe you don’t (-,-).  But here is something else I plan to do.

magically robed title


Yep two new stories (^o^).

Not only that but when I hit a thousand dollars I will post a new Webcomic to be updated weekly entitled M.  This is a Pokemon fan-fiction focusing on mega evolutions.  If I don’t reach a thousand dollars then I will simply update it when I feel ready Which may or may not take a while depending on how ambitious I am (^,^).

Thank you all for coming back and checking on my website every once in a while I really appreciate it (^,^).

I gave you two buttons just click one.