I am not that big on writing only thing I can really do well is draw so I just give you a brief description of myself.  Formally I am a student, Informally, and how I prefer to think of myself, I am a warrior prince training to be the Sky King.  I have lived most of my life on the surface know as the state of Oregon, unfortunately.  However, my kingdom now resides above the state known as Utah.  I spend most of my time educating myself in the surface schools (more like prisons).  When I have time to myself I like to fantasize, experience nature, Draw, a lot of drawing, and when I can I will sometimes enjoy the cheap entertainment known as video games.

If you (for some odd reason) have the desire to contact me I would prefer you us one of my subjects, owls.  However, if for some odd reason you do not have access to one of my subjects, you may use this mode of communication:


Stalk me

Deviantart: http://the-skyking.deviantart.com/

By the way all of this work is original and done by yours truly.  So I am trying to say yes this is copyrighted.