Arc-hipelago, Episode 44: Don’t send Adventurers to do a Diplomat’s Job

After once again being greeted with some hostilities from the United Court the Band of Fools try to salvage their relationship while simultaneously tearing it to shreds. Mark gets put down, Edan is forced into being the diplomat, and Emmalee takes on the role of the responsible one for once. At the end of it a cheeky gnome and underhanded dwarf become the Band’s new best friends

Arc-hipelago, Episode 43: Math and Dnd Don’t Mix

One would think that with the amount of simple math we have to do this would get easier but no. Tell a college student to find a derivative of a function no problem. Tell us to calculate the distance between two points in feet and we freeze up. Anyway the fools are going to challenge Chad the Feelings-mancer and fly straight to the Archipelago. Then are surprised when they are stopped by united court, not like they didn’t have a spaceship.