The Journey to the North: Episode 36, What lies on the Island?

With Damaia now gone things are a lot quieter. But as soon as the idea of finding a dragon becomes more possible some people give in to their inner chaos. Fortunately it was not destructive. The Cat people are very excited to learn more about the device they have discovered will satisfy their curiosity. Once again tried something new see if you can spot it, and @ me on Twitter, @HalfMoonOwl.

The Journey to the North: Episode 35, Dinosaurs

Let this be a lesson to all other DMs out there of what happens if you give your players a Jurassic playground. With a little encouragement I get the band of fools to land on a new Island. While Killghara makes some new friends Damaia wastes no time in getting into some shenanigans. She never seems to learn. Also I added something to this recording see if you can spot it and let me know what you think. @HalfMoonOwl on Twitter and Instagram.