A New Land and New Headaches.

The Crew finally made it to the mainland!!! And many people are missing or dead… Amelia runs off in the Forest as the remaining survivors try to improve their situation. Burg tries to find Saphine the elf child. Finally in one moment everything I had played for the next month is destroyed by philosophy…

Something isn’t right

The Crew wakes to find the long boat and the idle missing. The captain is suspected of fowl play and the gang bands together to keep the Dragon Embassy afloat. Amelia dives to the ocean floor fights a sea hag and goes to an exclusive interview with The Great One. Meanwhile the gang tries to figure out what is making the water so murky.

Purge in Holy Fire

Stealing themselves the Gang boards the ghost ship and begins exploring. Out of fear Edan begins to cleanse the ship getting rid of my trap before I can spring it. Burg gets an early/late Christmas present and a match that could only happen at sea is made.

Trial by Fear

Amelia stands on trial for insanity. Burg and Edna come to support her. All hope seems lost until Sydell comes to save her niece. The group fights off a crazed specter. Killghara kills a child in “self-defense.” Finally a ghost ship drifts towards the gang encouraging them to take a nap.

Unlikely Family Reunion

The Group is boarded by a mass of Sahuagin and they stubble to get there weapons ready. Our New Rogue drops on the spot and Killghara beats the monsters with a stick. Amelia rebuilds some old family bridges and the Captain stares down some monsters to prove he is not lying.

Amelia Goes Rogue

The Captain and his Fiancé go on deck for some King of the World moments and Amelia decides to spill into their quarters. She may have put some incriminating evidence on our resident air head. Members of the crew are developing rat fever. As Edan tries to play doctor Burg is trying to figure out what the heck to do to help Selenia and her children. To top it all off Bruce is wanting to start a mutiny.